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Breakroom Furniture from Gateway

Breakroom Furniture Design

With experience comes wisdom. And our commercial interior designers have all the experience you need to create a functional, comfortable, and organized design for your breakroom. Do you have a large space or a small one? How many employees use the breakroom? Do you have a separate room for it, or do you need to create a space with architectural walls? Our designers have the solutions to your breakroom needs. Though it’s not just about breakroom furniture, don’t forget the breakroom supplies either!

What You’ll Want in Your Breakroom

Gateway Furniture’s designers know what you need for your space. From the best tables and seating to large refrigerators to store all of those snacks, soft drinks, and lunches, we have everything you need. In addition, we’ll make sure you’ve got all the food service disposables and cleaning supplies you need, as well as the
storage solutions for them.

Work with Gateway’s experienced team of designers and furniture experts today to find the best solutions for your workplace.


Why not try modular training tables?


Stackable seating, rolling chairs, benches, or even stools.


A large fridge will provide enough space for everyone’s lunch.

Microwave/Toaster Oven

Make sure you can heat up that lunch!


Keep up to date with current events or have an informal meeting.

Storage Solutions

Ensure organization of disposables and cutlery.

Sound Proofing

Make sure anyone outside the breakroom stays focused.

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Create your best breakroom today with Gateway Furniture!

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