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Workplace Storage Solutions

Workplace Storage Solutions

Looking to maximize your storage without cluttering up your workplace? Gateway has storage solutions that will help you keep your current space clean and organized, while allowing you to have some leeway for future needs as well. Whether you work from home, work from the office, or have a hybrid work schedule, ensuring that everything has a place, and every place has a thing will help you keep your mind at ease. These solutions will work everywhere:

Vertical Storage

If you have space above your workspace, consider using the vertical space to keep your desk area tidy. You can use cantilevered storage shelves, a desk hutch, or even locking cabinets above your desk! If you’re ever unsure where you can add more storage, take a look up.

Under Desk Storage

Keep your files neatly stored away with under the desk storage. Using space-saving filing cabinets under your desk will help keep unnecessary papers off your desktop, allowing you room to put a computer, keyboard, mouse pad, your lunch, your morning coffee, whatever you need to have accessible at all times. Do you need mobile storage? Maybe your office is hot desking or you’re working from home, and you need to be able to store your necessities in something that can move from place to place within your office or home. Mobile Personal Pedestals can hold important files, your stapler, and the pens you prefer, all in a safely lockable, inconspicuous piece of furniture on casters.

Larger Storage Options

For companies and spaces that require more complex storage solutions, you’re likely to need more robust office furniture. With lateral files, cabinets, bookcases, wardrobe combination units, and more, you are able to organize your backstock and keep your files and supplies safe and secure. These kinds of storage are great for medical offices, educational spaces, facility supply storage areas, employee locker rooms, and more.

Desktop Storage

We all know that our desks can become chaos if left unchecked. Be sure to have all the essentials available to ensure a neat and tidy workspace.
  • Pen and Marker Holders: These are great for storing all the pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and more that you may need to help in your early education classroom, reception area, or restaurant host stand.
  • Paper Storage: Keep your desktop papers organized with folders that can easily be adjusted to match your needs, whether for a medical office front desk or a document holder to easily copy information into a computer.
  • Bars for Panel Storage Systems: With interlocking bars for panel systems, you are able to clip on baskets, shelves, hooks, and more to ensure your desktop is organized, like with the Kimball Narrate systems.

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