Elevate Your Business with Commercial Interior Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the aesthetics and functionality of a workspace can profoundly impact productivity, employee satisfaction, and the overall brand image. Recognizing this, the team here at Gateway has positioned ourselves at the forefront of commercial interior design, transforming mundane office spaces into vibrant, dynamic environments that resonate with a brand’s ethos and culture. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Gateway’s professional commercial interior designers leverage our expertise of furniture to redefine the concept of workplace aesthetics across South Texas and beyond. 

Crafting Unique and Customized Office Spaces 

Office room with desk, task chair and client's chair.

Central to Gateway’s ethos is the conviction that every workspace should be as distinct and individualized as the business it houses. This philosophy drives our commercial interior design process, which begins with an in-depth consultation to dive deep into the nuances of a client’s brand, their aesthetic preferences, and the functional needs of their space. Our designers then meticulously design your workspaces using CET software. We’ll then move to furnishing the space; we help with selection of textiles, office furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and artwork that not only embellish the space but also enhance its functionality, ensuring the final design is both beautiful and practical. And, perhaps most importantly, we deliver and build out your spaces according to the design.  

This personalized approach to each project ensures a result that mirrors the client’s brand identity and ethos, transforming ordinary offices into customized workplaces that inspire creativity and productivity. The utilization of bespoke elements in design not only sets Gateway apart but also affirms our commitment to creating spaces that are tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of our clients. This meticulous process of customization underscores the belief that a thoughtfully designed workspace is crucial in reflecting a company’s culture and supporting its operational goals, making every design project a true collaboration between designer and client.  

Demonstrating Versatility Across Markets 

The diverse portfolio of Gateway is a testament to our agility in adapting to various industry needs with finesse and precision. From corporate spaces to educational facilities and healthcare institutions to hospitality space planning, each case study illustrates Gateway’s capacity to grasp and materialize the unique essence of each business’s needs. This breadth of experience enables our team to confidently navigate the particularities of each industry, ensuring a design outcome that is not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with your business’s objectives.  

By engaging with different materials, design philosophies, and spatial arrangements, the team at Gateway can transform any space into one that speaks volumes of the business it represents. Our adaptability across markets confirms our team’s expansive skill set, reinforcing our position as a versatile and capable partner for businesses looking to make a significant impact through their physical environments. This broad-ranging expertise is a cornerstone of our service offering, emphasizing our commitment to delivering exceptional and impactful design solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clientele. 

Transformative Design in South Texas 

One notable project is the Compass Rose Legacy Campus in San Antonio, where we transformed educational spaces into vibrant, engaging environments that encourage learning and collaboration. Through strategic design, we were able to create a series of spaces that not only met the functional needs of the school but also inspired students and staff alike.  

In the healthcare sector, our work with Community First Health Plans, also in San Antonio, showcases our ability to navigate the complexities of medical environments. We prioritized comfort and accessibility, designing a welcoming space for both employees and visitors that facilitates wellness and efficiency. The thoughtful integration of brand elements into the interior design also strengthened the company’s identity.  

For GVEC in Seguin, TX, our challenge was to reflect the organization’s energy and dynamism within its office space. The result was a workplace that fosters innovation and teamwork, with a design that balances professionalism with a sense of community. Each of these case studies exemplifies our approach: understanding our client’s unique needs and delivering bespoke interior design solutions that exceed expectations. 

Choose Gateway for Your Commercial Interior Design Needs 

Inviting modern work stations

Opting for Gateway for your commercial interior design endeavors offers an unparalleled partnership with a team deeply committed to fostering innovation, ensuring impeccable quality, and achieving complete client satisfaction. With a distinguished history of transforming work environments throughout South Texas, Gateway stands out for its capability to undertake and excel in projects of diverse scale and intricacy. Their design philosophy centers around a bespoke, client-centric approach, guaranteeing that every project not only aligns with but also surpasses client expectations. This tailored method enables the creation of spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also embodiments of a business’s brand and ethos, promising a workspace that is both functional and inspirational. Whether the task at hand involves rejuvenating an old office or conceptualizing and executing a new design from the ground up, Gateway promises to elevate your workspace, ensuring it plays a pivotal role in your business’s success. Their commitment to excellence and tailored solutions makes them the ideal choice for any business looking to leverage the power of professional commercial interior design to stand out and thrive. 

2024 Office Furniture Trends

Welcome to the future of workplace furniture! As we enter the year 2024, technology continues to advance and revolutionize the way we work. And with the increasing demand for ergonomics and productivity, it’s no surprise that the top products in office furniture have evolved to cater to these needs. It’s time to elevate your work-life and take your workspace to the next level. Get ready to say goodbye to traditional office furniture and hello to a more efficient and modern way of working! 

Work with a Professional Commercial Designer!

Sit-Stand Desks in the Classroom

In education, the traditional classroom setup is being revolutionized, and flexible seating arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. One of the top products in office furniture that is making its way into the classroom is the sit-stand desk. These desks allow students to have the flexibility to sit or stand while they learn or teachers flexibility while teaching, promoting movement and reducing sedentary behavior.  

HON are premier manufacturers in educational. Their extreme versatility in providing reconfigurations of classroom, library and auditorium furniture in minutes makes their products the wave of the future for schools.    

Renovating Your Health Facility

Renovating your health facility? Look no further than Gateway to transform your space into a comfortable and therapeutic environment. Gone are the days of sterile and uninviting designs. With Gateway Furniture, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and healing. One of the key considerations when renovating your behavioral health facility is the choice of furniture.  

Kimball is innovative when it comes to healthcare. Gateway can meet all requirements with this line for a variety of different facilities. With telehealth being a huge shift change in doctor’s offices, Kimball can provide the perfect collaboration type furniture needed for flexibility and technology. 

Collaborative Design in Office Spaces 

In corporate and government office spaces, we are designing for the future of work, where collaboration is key. The traditional cubicles and closed-off offices may be replaced by open and flexible spaces that promote teamwork and communication. Collaborative design in office spaces is all about creating an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and a sense of community. One of the key elements of collaborative design is providing a variety of work settings, like touchdown spaces. From comfortable lounge areas to brainstorming zones with whiteboards and writable surfaces, these spaces encourage spontaneous discussions and idea-sharing. Employees can gather around a communal table or cozy up in a nook with their laptops, facilitating collaboration and teamwork. Thinkspace is an excellent technology-based furniture company providing the “Work Pod”, “Wellness Pod”, and “Meeting Space Pod”.  

Acoustics and Architectural Walls

Acoustics also play a crucial role in collaborative design. Open spaces can be noisy, so it’s important to incorporate acoustical screens, architectural walls, or sound-absorbing materials to minimize distractions and create a more focused environment. These dividers not only provide privacy but also help to define different work areas within the open space. Collaborative design in office spaces is all about creating an environment that promotes teamwork, communication, and innovation. By incorporating flexible work settings, integrating technology, and considering acoustics, companies can create a workspace that supports collaboration and enhances productivity. So, whether it’s a brainstorming session, a team meeting, or a casual conversation, employees can come together and work towards a common goal. Snowsound is a company we trust when it comes to acoustic technology.  

Gateway’s Up and Coming Design Software

As for our commercial interior designers, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new ways to enhance the design experience. And one exciting feature that we are currently developing is our up-and-coming design software. With this software, we are taking things to a whole new level. Imagine being able to step into your future workspace virtually. With our design software, we are moving towards virtual reality walk-throughs and video flythroughs of spaces. This means that you can experience your office design in a more immersive and realistic way. You can explore every corner, see how different furniture pieces fit together, and get a true sense of the ambiance and layout of your workspace.  

We are also working towards creating a whole virtual team dedicated to these types of presentations. So, you can have a team of experts guiding you through the design process, answering your questions, and ensuring that you get the best possible design for your workspace. Our up-and-coming design software is all about giving you the tools and experiences you need to make informed design decisions and create a workspace that truly reflects your style and enhances your productivity. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development! 

Embrace the Future with Gateway 

Gateway Commercial Furniture & Design Innovations Logo

As we wrap up our exploration of the top products in office furniture from Gateway Furniture, it’s clear that the future is here. With their innovative and cutting-edge designs, Gateway Furniture is revolutionizing the way we work. Embracing technology in office furniture has never been more exciting. From wireless charging desks that eliminate the hassle of tangled cords to ergonomic chairs that prioritize your health and well-being, Gateway Furniture has it all. Their adaptive lighting system creates the perfect ambiance for a productive workday, while interactive conference tables take collaboration to a whole new level. And with our up-and-coming design software, you have the power to create a workspace that truly reflects your style and enhances your productivity. So, don’t be left behind – embrace the future with Gateway Furniture and elevate your work-life to new heights.  

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2024!  

Creating Strong First Impressions: The Power of a Great Office Reception Area 

First impressions are everything. Whether it’s meeting a new client or welcoming potential customers into your workplace, the first few seconds can make or break a relationship. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to have a welcoming and impressive reception or lobby area. This is the first point of contact for visitors and sets the tone for their entire experience. A well-designed and updated office reception area or lobby not only creates a positive first impression, but also reflects the values and professionalism of your company. Learn how Gateway can help you improve your business’s first impression.  

Who Has a Lobby or Reception Space?

Most industries have a lobby or reception space. Think about when you walk into your kids’ school. Or a car dealership. What about a doctor’s office? Or a corporate office? The options are endless, and a nice reception or lobby area can improve customer satisfaction.  

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Understanding the Importance of a Great Lobby 

Contemporary seating arrangement in a reception area featuring chairs around a table adorned with indoor plants.

A great lobby is not just a pretty space. It serves as the first point of contact for your business and can significantly impact your visitors’ perception of your brand. By creating a professional, welcoming, and efficient lobby, you can make a winning first impression and set the stage for a positive and successful relationship with your clients and customers. 


First and foremost, a well-designed lobby creates an immediate sense of professionalism. It shows that your business cares about the details and values a polished appearance. When visitors walk into a clean and aesthetically pleasing lobby, it sends the message that your company is organized and attentive to their needs. This level of professionalism can build trust and credibility, which is crucial in today’s competitive marketplace. 


A great lobby also reflects your company’s values and culture. It serves as a visual representation of who you are as a business. Are you a modern and innovative tech company? A traditional and trustworthy financial institution? A fun and kid-friendly hotel? The design and decor of your lobby should align with your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on visitors. 


Beyond aesthetics, a great lobby also plays a role in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. When visitors enter your workspace, they should feel at ease and valued. Comfortable seating, natural lighting, and thoughtful design elements can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This can go a long way towards building positive relationships with your clients and customers. 


Additionally, a well-designed lobby can improve the overall flow and efficiency of your workplace. By strategically placing reception desks, seating areas, and informational displays, you can optimize the traffic and navigation of your space. This can enhance the overall visitor experience and prevent any potential confusion or frustration. 

Key Factors to Consider when Updating Your Reception Area 

Contemporary doctor's office with sleek interior design, patients in waiting area.

When it comes to updating your reception area, there are several key factors that must be considered. These factors will not only help you create a space that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient. Here are some key factors our team of professional commercial interior designers keep in mind: 

1. Reflect Your Brand Identity 

Your reception area should reflect the values, culture, and brand identity of your business. Consider incorporating your company’s colors, logo, and overall design theme into the reception area. This will help create a cohesive and consistent brand experience for your visitors. 

2. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere 

Your reception area should be warm and inviting. Consider adding comfortable seating options, soft lighting, and welcoming decor. You want your visitors to feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they step through the door. 

3. Optimize the Layout 

The layout of your reception area should be strategic and efficient. Consider the flow of traffic and make sure there is enough space for visitors to move around freely. Position your reception desk in a way that allows your receptionist to greet visitors easily and provide assistance when needed. 

4. Incorporate Technology 

In today’s digital age, incorporating technology into your reception area is essential. Consider adding digital displays to showcase important information or provide a digital check-in system for visitors. This will not only make the check-in process more efficient but also give a modern and tech-savvy impression. 

5. Provide Comfortable Seating 

Waiting can often be a boring and tiresome experience for visitors. Ensure that you provide comfortable seating options, such as plush chairs or sofas, so that your visitors can relax while they wait. This will not only improve their overall experience but also show that you value their comfort. 

6. Consider Privacy 

Depending on the nature of your business, privacy may be a crucial factor to consider. If you deal with sensitive information or have confidential discussions with clients, consider incorporating private seating areas or partition screens to ensure privacy. 

7. Keep it Clean and Organized 

A cluttered and messy reception area can leave a negative impression on visitors. Make sure that your reception area is always clean, tidy, and well-organized. Regularly declutter and remove any unnecessary items or outdated materials. Keep things tidy with storage solutions.  

Transform Your Workplace Lobby with Gateway Furniture 

Ready to take your workplace lobby to the next level? Look no further than Gateway Furniture. Our team of professional commercial interior designers can work with you to transform your reception area into a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient. 

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your lobby or reception area, we’ve got you covered. From comfortable seating options to stylish and functional reception desks, we offer a wide range of furniture that will create a welcoming and professional atmosphere. Our designers can help you select the perfect pieces that reflect your brand identity and complement your overall design theme. 

But furniture is just the beginning. At Gateway Furniture, we understand the power of lighting, biophilic design, art, and textiles in creating a truly impactful space. Our team can help you choose the right lighting fixtures to create the perfect ambiance, incorporate elements of nature with biophilic design, select artwork that aligns with your brand, and choose textiles that add comfort and style to your reception area. 

With Gateway Furniture, you can trust that your lobby or reception area will leave a lasting and positive impression on your visitors. Don’t settle for a mediocre first impression when you can create a winning one with our help. Contact us today to transform your workplace lobby into a space that reflects your brand, values, and professionalism. 

Explore Gateway’s Versatile Training Table Furniture

When it comes to creating functional and versatile spaces, furniture plays a crucial role. This is especially true in educational and professional settings, where the design and layout of a room can greatly impact the overall learning or meeting experience. Gateway, a leading furniture distributor based in South Texas, understands this importance and offers a wide range of training table style furniture that is suitable for various environments, from K-12 classrooms to corporate conference rooms. Time to explore the versatility of Gateway Furniture’s training table styles and how they can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any space. 

Training Table Furniture in K-12 Classrooms

When it comes to modern education, K-12 classrooms are increasingly adopting innovative approaches to learning. One reason is flexibility. Training tables can be easily configured and rearranged to accommodate different teaching styles and activities. Whether it’s a group project, a presentation, test-taking, or individual work, training tables can be arranged in various formations to meet the needs of the students, teachers, and the lesson at hand.  

Another advantage of training table furniture is its ergonomic design. Traditional desks and chairs often lead to poor posture and discomfort, resulting in distracted and restless students. Training tables, on the other hand, are designed to provide comfort and support, allowing students to focus and engage in their learning. 

Furthermore, training tables can help maximize space utilization in crowded classrooms. With their modular and nesting designs, these tables can be easily stored and moved when not in use, creating a more flexible and efficient learning environment. 

The use of training table furniture also encourages collaboration among students. By creating a more open and interactive learning space, students are encouraged to work together, share ideas, and learn from one another. This collaborative approach not only improves academic performance but also fosters important social skills and prepares students for the real world. 

As educators strive to create dynamic, versatile, and engaging learning environments, training tables are proving to be a valuable addition to any classroom setting. With Gateway’s range of training table furniture, schools can transform their traditional classrooms into innovative and functional spaces that inspire learning and collaboration.  

Emphasizing Efficiency in Government & Corporate Offices 

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is a key priority for government and corporate offices. Every minute counts, and optimizing the workspace is essential for productivity. This is where training table furniture from Gateway can make a significant impact. 

One of the main advantages of training table furniture in government and corporate offices is its adaptability. These tables can be easily configured and reconfigured to accommodate different needs, whether it’s a team meeting, a training session, or a presentation. With just a few simple adjustments, the workspace can be transformed to meet the specific requirements of the task at hand. 

Additionally, training tables offer enhanced organization and storage capabilities. Many models come equipped with built-in wire management solutions, allowing for a clutter-free and efficient workspace. Cables and wires can be neatly tucked away, preventing tripping hazards and creating a clean, organized, and professional environment. 

Another benefit of training table furniture is its modular design. Many tables can be easily nested to accommodate changing needs. If the office is expanding, training tables can be easily stored for later use to grow with the company. 

Moreover, training table furniture promotes collaboration and teamwork in government and corporate offices. By providing a flexible and interactive workspace, these tables encourage employees to work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This not only enhances productivity but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and creativity among team members. 

Creative Uses Abound in Higher Education 

In higher education settings, fostering collaborative and modular environments is essential for student engagement and success. Training table furniture from Gateway offers the perfect solution for creating dynamic and interactive learning spaces in colleges and universities. 

One of the main benefits of training table furniture in higher education is its ability to promote collaboration among students. These tables can be easily configured into various formations, such as small group circles or larger conference-style arrangements, to facilitate teamwork and discussion. By providing a comfortable and versatile workspace, training tables encourage students to work together, share ideas, and engage in meaningful dialogue. 

Moreover, training table furniture in higher education enhances flexibility and adaptability. As classrooms evolve to accommodate different teaching styles and activities, these tables can be easily rearranged to meet the specific needs of the lesson. Do you prefer your students to sit in a U-shape while being taught? What about traditional row-style seating? Or perhaps a circle? The opportunities are endless when you use training tables.  

In addition to promoting collaboration and flexibility in the corporate world, training table furniture in higher education also prioritizes functionality and organization. And what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Many models come equipped with built-in wire management solutions, allowing for a clutter-free workspace. Students can easily connect their devices and access power sources, creating a seamless and efficient learning experience. 

By incorporating training table furniture from Gateway, colleges and universities can transform their classrooms into collaborative environments that foster teamwork, creativity, and engagement. Students will benefit from the versatile and ergonomic design of these tables, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for the collaborative nature of the professional world. With Gateway’s range of training table furniture, higher education institutions can create the ideal learning spaces that inspire innovation and collaboration. 

Expanding Business in Hotels and Conference Spaces 

In today’s fast-paced business world, hotels and conference spaces are constantly striving to create functional, and versatile environments for their guests. Training table furniture from Gateway offers the perfect solution for these establishments, providing a range of benefits that enhance the overall experience. 

One of the main advantages of training table furniture in hotels and conference spaces is its adaptability. These tables can be easily configured and rearranged to accommodate different types of events, whether it’s a corporate meeting, a training session, or a social gathering. With just a few simple adjustments, the space can be transformed to meet the specific needs of the occasion. 

Another benefit of training table furniture is its sleek and modern design. These tables add a touch of sophistication to any space, elevating the overall aesthetic and creating a professional atmosphere. Guests will be impressed by the attention to detail and the commitment to providing a comfortable and functional workspace. 

By providing a versatile and interactive workspace, these tables encourage guests to work together, share ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions. This fosters a sense of teamwork and creativity, enhancing the overall success of the event. 

With Gateway’s range of training table furniture, hotels and conference spaces can create the ideal environments that inspire innovation, collaboration, and productivity.  

Gateway Furniture Has What You Need 

Whether you’re looking to revamp your K-12 classrooms, optimize efficiency in government and corporate offices, create dynamic learning spaces in higher education, or elevate the experience in hotels and conference spaces, Gateway has got you covered. Their training tables offer flexibility, ergonomic design, adaptability, and enhanced organization capabilities. 

Gateway Furniture understands the importance of creating functional and versatile spaces, and they are dedicated to providing high-quality furniture that meets your specific needs. So, whether you’re an educator, a business professional, or an event organizer, trust Gateway Furniture to provide the perfect training table solution for you. Upgrade your space and elevate your experience with Gateway Furniture today! 

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Create a Modern Breakroom Your Employees Will Love 

Creating a modern breakroom for your employees can be a daunting task. How do you make sure you have the right furniture, products, supplies, and appliances to create an enjoyable space? Gateway has the answer. Our experienced team has the expertise to help you design a breakroom that will be loved by all your employees. From helping you select the best furniture to finding the right appliances, Gateway can help you create the perfect breakroom. 

A breakroom may seem like a small and insignificant part of your office space, but it plays a significant role in your employees’ overall well-being and productivity. Having a well-designed and well-stocked breakroom can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Relax and Recharge 

First and foremost, a breakroom provides a space for employees to relax and recharge during their breaks. It gives them a chance to step away from their desks and unwind for a few moments, which can have a positive impact on their mental and physical well-being. Research has shown that regular breaks can boost productivity and creativity, so it’s important to provide a space that encourages employees to take those breaks. 

Community and Collaboration 

In addition to providing a place for relaxation, a breakroom can also foster a sense of community and collaboration among your employees. It’s a space where they can come together, have conversations, and build relationships outside of their work responsibilities. This can lead to better teamwork and a more positive and inclusive work environment. 

Culture and Commitment 

A well-designed and well-stocked breakroom can also serve as a reflection of your company culture and values. It’s an opportunity to create a space that aligns with your brand and showcases your commitment to employee well-being. This can have a positive impact on both your current employees and potential job candidates, as it demonstrates that you value your employees and their happiness. 

Overall, a breakroom is not just a room with some furniture and appliances; it’s an essential part of creating a positive work environment. So, don’t overlook the importance of designing and maintaining a great breakroom for your employees. 

Gateway Furniture’s Expert Advice on Designing Your Breakroom

When it comes to designing your breakroom, Gateway Furniture has the expertise to guide you through the process. Our experienced team understands the importance of creating a space that is not only functional but also enjoyable for your employees. Here are some expert tips we consider when designing your breakroom:

1. Consider the layout: We think about how your employees will use the space and plan the layout accordingly. Create different zones for eating, relaxation, and socializing to cater to different needs. 

2. Choose comfortable and durable furniture: Invest in high-quality furniture that is comfortable and can withstand daily use. Ergonomic furniture can help promote good posture and prevent discomfort. 

3. Provide a variety of amenities: We consider including amenities like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, water coolers, vending machines, and more to cater to different preferences. This will ensure that your employees have everything they need to enjoy their break.  

4. Keep it stocked: We work with you to create recurring supplies orders, ensuring that you never run out of your employees’ favorite snacks.  

5. Incorporate natural elements: Bring in plants or natural elements to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can reduce stress and boost overall well-being. 

Remember, a well-designed breakroom can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. With Gateway Furniture’s expert advice, you can create a breakroom that your employees will love. 

Understanding Your Employees’ Needs

Understanding your employees’ needs is crucial when designing a breakroom that they will truly appreciate. After all, the breakroom should be a space where they feel comfortable and relaxed. To understand your employees’ needs, start by observing their behaviors and listening to their feedback.  

Pay attention to how they use the current breakroom and what aspects they enjoy or find lacking. Consider conducting surveys or holding focus groups to gather more specific information about their preferences. 

Remember that every employee is unique, and their needs may vary. Some employees may prefer a quiet space to recharge, while others may enjoy a more social atmosphere. Some may appreciate healthy food options, while others may crave a caffeine boost. Taking the time to understand and cater to these individual needs can make a significant difference in their overall satisfaction and productivity. 

By considering your employees’ needs and preferences, you can ensure that the breakroom design reflects their desires and promotes a positive and inclusive environment. Ultimately, creating a breakroom that addresses their needs will show your employees that you value their well-being and are committed to providing them with a space that enhances their work experience. 

Furniture and Appliance Essentials

When it comes to designing a breakroom, choosing the right furniture and appliances is essential. After all, these elements will directly impact your employees’ comfort levels and enjoyment of the space. This is where the expertise and knowledge of Gateway Furniture’s commercial interior designers comes into play. We can help you navigate the variety of options available to find what works best for you.  

First and foremost, invest in comfortable and durable furniture. Look for ergonomic chairs and tables that promote good posture and prevent discomfort. Your employees will appreciate having a comfortable place to relax and recharge during their breaks. 

In terms of appliances, consider the needs and preferences of your employees. A refrigerator is a must-have for storing food and beverages, while a microwave or toaster oven can allow for quick and convenient meals. A coffee machine is also a popular choice, as it provides a much-needed caffeine boost. Having a water cooler on site will ensure everyone stays hydrated. And don’t forget about the snacks; you’ll want to offer a variety of options for your employees to enjoy. 

In addition to furniture and appliances, think about other essential items. These may include utensils, plates, and cups for eating, as well as cleaning supplies to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the breakroom. 

By prioritizing furniture and appliance essentials, you can create a breakroom that is both functional and enjoyable for your employees. And with Gateway Furniture’s expertise, you can ensure that you are choosing the best options for your specific needs. 

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere with Decorations

Creating a comfortable atmosphere in your breakroom is essential for making it a welcoming and enjoyable space for your employees. Decorations play a key role in achieving this cozy ambiance. Here are some tips on how to create a cozy atmosphere with decorations: 

1. Use warm and inviting colors: You should opt for colors like warm earth tones, soft blues, or gentle greens. These colors create a calming and comforting environment. 

2. Incorporate soft lighting: Avoid harsh overhead lighting and opt for softer, ambient lighting options. String lights, table lamps, or floor lamps can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

3. Add comfortable seating: Consider adding cozy chairs, bean bags, or even a comfortable sofa where employees can relax and unwind during their breaks. 

4. Use natural materials: Incorporate natural materials like wood, plants, and natural fibers in your decorations. These elements add a sense of warmth and connection to nature. 

5. Include personal touches: Encourage employees to bring in personal decorations like photos, artwork, or small trinkets that reflect their personality. This helps create a sense of ownership and makes the breakroom feel more like their own space. 

By focusing on these decoration tips, you can transform your breakroom into a cozy and inviting space where employees feel relaxed, refreshed, and inspired. 

Tips for Maximizing Space and Storage

When designing a breakroom, maximizing space and storage is crucial to ensure that the area is functional and organized. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your breakroom space: 

1. Utilize vertical storage: Install shelves or cabinets that go up the walls to make use of vertical space. This will help keep the floor area clear and allow for easy access to supplies and appliances. 

2. Invest in multifunctional furniture: Consider furniture pieces that serve dual purposes, such as ottomans with hidden storage or tables with built-in drawers. These can help maximize space while providing extra storage for items like games, books, or utensils. 

3. Use storage containers: Keep supplies and small items organized by using storage containers or bins. Label them accordingly so employees can easily find what they need. Stackable containers can also help save space. 

4. Optimize countertop space: If your breakroom has limited countertop space, consider installing a wall-mounted foldable table or a drop-leaf table. These can be folded down when not in use to free up space. 

5. Hang items on walls or doors: Use hooks or hanging organizers to store items like coats, bags, or cleaning supplies. This will keep them off the floor and maximize available space. 

By implementing these tips, you can create a breakroom that is efficient, clutter-free, and maximizes both space and storage options. 

Exploring Creative Furniture Solutions for Your Workspace 

Are you looking for ways to optimize and energize your workspace? Gateway’s furniture solutions are an effective way to maximize the potential of any space. From vertical storage solutions to modular furniture pieces to training tables for conference rooms, there are many creative options to explore when it comes to designing and transforming a workspace. With a focus on flexibility, these furniture solutions can be combined to provide the perfect combination of function and style for any office. So, come along with Gateway Furniture to explore the various creative furniture solutions that can help you make the most of your workspace. 

Why Optimizing Your Workspace Matters 

Are you tired of feeling cramped and overwhelmed in your workspace? Optimizing your workspace is crucial for enhancing productivity and overall well-being. By organizing and utilizing the available space efficiently, you can create a more functional and enjoyable work environment. Having a dynamic workspace allows for easy access to necessary materials, reduces clutter and distractions, and promotes better focus and concentration. It can also contribute to better collaboration and teamwork, as a well-designed space encourages interaction and communication among colleagues. Investing in furniture solutions that maximize your space is a smart move that can significantly impact your work experience and ultimately, your success. This is where Gateway Furniture comes in. 

Vertical Storage Solutions 

Are you tired of your workspace being cluttered with stacks of paperwork and overflowing filing cabinets? Vertical storage solutions from Gateway are the answer to your organizational woes. By utilizing the vertical space in your office, you can maximize storage capacity while minimizing the footprint. From wall-mounted shelving units to vertical file organizers, there are a variety of storage solutions available to suit your specific needs. Our designers can help you figure out what works best for your space and aesthetic. Vertical storage not only keeps your workspace tidy, but it also allows for easy access to important documents and materials. Say goodbye to searching through piles of paperwork and hello to a well-organized and efficient workspace with vertical storage solutions.  

Modular Furniture: Design and Functionality 

Does your workspace feel static and inflexible? Modular furniture is the key to creating a dynamic and adaptable work environment. With modular furniture, you have the freedom to customize your workspace to suit your specific needs. Whether you need additional storage, extra desk space, ergonomic solutions, or a collaborative area, modular furniture can provide the solution. The designers at Gateway Furniture have decades of experience finding what works best for workplace flexibility. The beauty of modular furniture lies in its versatility and ease of rearrangement. You can easily reconfigure and adjust the layout to accommodate changes in your workflow or team dynamics. Embrace the power of design and functionality with modular furniture, and watch your workspace transform into a space that fosters creativity and productivity. These kinds of options are great for offices, schools, medical facilities, healthcare offices, hotels, and so much more.  

Training Tables for Conference Rooms 

Transform your conference room into a hub of collaboration and productivity with training tables. These versatile furniture solutions are designed to accommodate team meetings, presentations, and training sessions. With various sizes and configurations available, Gateway can find the perfect table to fit your space and needs. Training tables are equipped with features such as cable management systems and power outlets, ensuring a seamless and organized setup for all your technological requirements. Create a welcoming and functional environment for brainstorming and idea sharing with training tables that are not only practical but also visually appealing. Take your conference room to the next level with these innovative furniture solutions. 

How Flexible Furniture Solutions Can Benefit Your Workspace 

Are you sick of being stuck with furniture that doesn’t fit your changing needs? Flexible furniture solutions can be a game-changer for your workspace. Whether you need to create a collaborative area, accommodate a growing team, or adjust your layout to optimize workflow, Gateway’s options for flexible furniture have you covered. With streamlined modular design, these solutions offer endless possibilities for customization. Not only do they maximize functionality, but they also add a touch of versatility and creativity to your workspace. Say goodbye to rigid furniture and hello to a workspace that can adapt and evolve with you. Embrace flexibility and watch your productivity soar. 

Combining Spaces for Combined Solutions 

Combining spaces in your workspace can provide unique and creative solutions for maximizing functionality and efficiency. By breaking down barriers and merging different areas, you can create a versatile and collaborative environment that meets the diverse needs of your team. For example, the designers at Gateway can show you how to transform a corner of your office into a cozy breakout area by adding comfortable seating and a coffee table. You could also repurpose a storage room into a quiet space for focused work by adding a desk and architectural walls. By thinking outside the box and combining spaces, we can unlock the true potential of your workspace and create a seamless and productive environment for your team. 

Keeping It Stylish: Creating an Aesthetic Workspace 

In today’s modern work environment, aesthetic sense plays a crucial role in creating a productive and inspiring workspace. The way your office looks can have a significant impact on the overall mood and motivation of your team. So why not work with Gateway’s experienced designers to make it stylish? By incorporating visually appealing furniture and decor, we can transform your workspace into a place that not only fosters productivity but also reflects your company’s personality. Consider adding elements like vibrant accent colors, sleek furniture designs, and statement pieces that make a statement. Creating an aesthetic workspace not only enhances the visual appeal but also boosts morale and makes your team excited to come to work every day. 

Futureproofing Your Workspace: Choosing Furniture with Growth in Mind 

As a professional, it’s important to think about the future of your workspace. Choosing furniture with growth in mind ensures that you can adapt and expand as your business evolves. At Gateway, we look for furniture solutions that offer flexibility and scalability, such as modular desks and adjustable vertical and horizontal shelving units. These versatile pieces can easily be rearranged and expanded to accommodate ever-evolving needs. Additionally, consider investing in furniture with a timeless design that will remain stylish and relevant for years to come. By future-proofing your workspace, you can create a space that will support your success and growth for the long term. 

Let Gateway Furniture Help You Today 

The talented designers at Gateway Furniture in South Texas are ready to help you create the perfect workspace for your employees. With their expertise and knowledge of creative furniture solutions, they can transform your office into an optimized and productive environment. Whether you need help with vertical storage solutions, modular furniture, or training tables for your conference rooms, Gateway Furniture has the expertise to meet your needs. Don’t settle for a subpar workspace; let Gateway Furniture help you create a workspace that inspires and energizes your team today. 

A Guide To Creating Functional and Versatile Learning Spaces

Creating functional and versatile learning spaces can be challenging, especially in a school environment. When it comes to furnishing the space, there is a lot to consider. Gateway Furniture has a range of solutions that can help schools make the most of their learning spaces. From training tables and modular furniture to desks and storage solutions, they provide the perfect combination of form and function. In this guide, we’ll explore how these pieces of educational furniture can help create a more efficient and productive learning environment.  

Improving Educational Spaces with Modular Furniture 

educational furniture placement

When it comes to improving educational spaces, modular furniture offers a practical and versatile solution. Modular furniture is designed to be easily rearranged and reconfigured, allowing for maximum flexibility and adaptabili ty in any learning environment. Whether it’s a classroom, library, or common area, modular furniture can be customized to meet the unique needs of students and teachers. 

One of the main benefits of modular educational furniture is its ability to create collaborative spaces. By arranging modular seating and tables in different configurations, educators can foster a sense of community and promote collaboration among students. Whether it’s group work, discussions, or presentations, modular furniture can be easily arranged to accommodate different learning activities. 

In addition to fostering collaboration, modular furniture also helps optimize space utilization. Traditional fixed furniture can limit the ways in which a room can be used, but modular furniture can be rearranged to make the most of every square inch. This is particularly important in schools where space is often limited. With modular furniture, schools can make better use of their available space and create multipurpose areas that can be used for various activities. 

Furthermore, modular furniture promotes a student-centered learning approach. By allowing students to easily rearrange furniture according to their needs, it encourages them to take ownership of their learning environment. This sense of ownership can enhance engagement and creativity, as students feel empowered to create spaces that work best for them. 

Makerspace and STEM Planning for Improved Engagement 

students working on a STEM project

Makerspaces and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) planning are essential components of modern educational spaces. These areas provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, foster creativity, and develop critical thinking skills. 

In a makerspace, students have access to a wide range of tools, materials, and technologies to create, tinker, and explore. From 3D printers and robotics kits to woodworking tools and electronics, these spaces encourage students to become active participants in their learning. 

When planning for a makerspace, it’s important to consider the needs of students and the specific STEM subjects they will be studying. This includes providing appropriate equipment, ensuring safety measures are in place, and creating a layout that maximizes efficiency and collaboration. 

Gateway Furniture offers a range of solutions to support makerspace and STEM planning. Modular furniture can be easily rearranged to accommodate different projects and activities. Additionally, the variety of storage solutions provide a convenient way to organize and store materials, ensuring that everything is easily accessible for students. 

Maximizing Flexibility and Efficiency with Multipurpose Furniture 

portable table and chair

When it comes to creating functional and versatile learning spaces, one key factor to consider is the use of multipurpose furniture. Multipurpose furniture is designed to serve multiple functions, allowing schools to maximize their flexibility and efficiency in various ways. 

One of the main benefits of multipurpose furniture is its ability to save space. With limited square footage in schools, it’s important to make the most of every inch. Multipurpose furniture, such as desks that can be folded or stacked, or storage units that can double as seating, allows schools to utilize their space more efficiently. By having furniture that can easily be rearranged or repurposed, schools can adapt to different needs and activities without having to invest in additional furniture or compromise on the available space. 

In addition to space-saving benefits, multipurpose furniture also promotes sustainability. By investing in furniture that serves multiple functions, schools can reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing waste and the need for constant replacement. Multipurpose furniture is built to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of daily use in educational environments. 

Furthermore, multipurpose furniture fosters a sense of creativity and adaptability in students. By providing them with furniture that can be used in various ways, schools encourage students to think outside the box and explore different ways of using their learning environment. This flexibility promotes problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and adaptability, which are all essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world. 

Designing for Ergonomics 

example of classroom seating

Designing for ergonomics is crucial in creating comfortable and supportive learning spaces. When it comes to educational spaces, considering ergonomic principles can have a significant impact on students’ physical health, productivity, and overall learning experience. 

One key aspect of designing for ergonomics is providing adjustable furniture that can be easily customized to fit everyone’s unique needs. Adjustable chairs and desks, for example, allow students to find the most comfortable position for their body, preventing discomfort, fatigue, and potential musculoskeletal issues. These adjustable features also accommodate students of different heights and body types, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable seating arrangement. 

Furthermore, designing for ergonomics involves considering the layout and organization of the learning space. By arranging furniture and equipment in a way that promotes easy movement and accessibility, students can navigate the space efficiently, minimizing potential tripping hazards and promoting a sense of flow and ease. 

Enhancing Collaboration and Creativity with Configurable Seating 

Configurable seating is a key element in creating collaborative and creative learning spaces. It allows for flexibility and adaptability, enabling students to work together in various configurations and explore new ways of learning. 

With configurable seating, classrooms can be transformed into dynamic and interactive environments that promote collaboration and engagement. By using seating options such as movable chairs, stools, or even bean bags, educators can easily rearrange their seating arrangements to accommodate different group sizes or learning activities. This encourages teamwork, communication, and the sharing of ideas among students. 

In addition to promoting collaboration and individualized learning, configurable seating enhances creativity. It provides students with the freedom to choose their seating arrangements based on their specific tasks or projects. For example, a group of students working on a group project may choose to sit in a circular formation to encourage discussion and brainstorming.  

On the other hand, students working individually on a creative writing assignment may prefer a more secluded and quiet seating arrangement. The ability to customize seating configurations promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills among students.  

Educational Storage Solutions 

portable storage solutions

In addition to furniture that enhances collaboration and creativity, it is important for educational spaces to have effective storage solutions. Educational storage solutions play a crucial role in maintaining an organized and clutter-free learning environment. By providing designated spaces for materials, books, and supplies, storage solutions help students and teachers stay focused and easily access the resources they need. 

Gateway Furniture offers a variety of storage options specifically designed for educational settings. Their storage solutions include bookshelves, cabinets, and mobile storage units. These storage options are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a visually appealing learning environment. 

One of the key advantages of Gateway Furniture’s educational storage solutions is durability. Designed to withstand the demands of daily use, these storage units are built to last. They are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that they can withstand the test of time in busy educational environments. 

Additionally, Gateway Furniture’s storage solutions are designed with versatility in mind. They offer a range of sizes, shapes, and configurations to accommodate different storage needs. Whether schools require storage for books, art supplies, or technology equipment, Gateway Furniture has options that can be tailored to fit specific requirements. 

How Gateway Furniture Can Improve Your Environment 

gateway furniture showroom

Gateway Furniture offers a wide range of solutions to help schools create functional and versatile learning spaces. By incorporating their training tables, modular furniture, desks, and storage solutions, schools can maximize their space, promote collaboration, and enhance student engagement. Working with a dedicated commercial interior designer will not only improve efficiency, but also create cohesion throughout the environment.  

With their innovative furniture options, Gateway Furniture can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of any learning environment. Get started with Gateway today!  

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Interior Designer for Your Office Redesign

Are you considering redesigning your office? What about designing a new breakroom or teachers’ lounge? If so, hiring a commercial interior designer can be a great way to ensure that your workplace design meets all your needs. An experienced interior design professional will have the expertise and know-how to turn your office into an inspiring and comfortable environment that encourages productivity. From selecting furniture and decor to the logistics of planning out the best layout, a commercial  interior designer will make sure your office redesign is done right.  

Save Time and Money 

Having a commercial interior designer work on your office design project can help you save time and money. The designer will have the expertise and knowledge to help you create an efficient design plan that meets all your needs, while also staying within your budget. With a designer’s help, you can rest assured that the design process will be completed quickly and efficiently. A commercial interior designer can also help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that you get the best value for your money. 

Create a Custom Look for Your Office 

Office workstation matching color scheme

A commercial interior designer can help you create a unique and customized look for your office that reflects your brand, style, and company culture. They can incorporate custom lighting, fabrics, furniture, artwork, and other elements to create a workspace that is both stylish and functional. A commercial interior designer will work closely with you to understand your vision and desired aesthetic for your office.  

From there, they can suggest colors, materials, textures, and other design elements to ensure the final look is exactly what you had envisioned. When designing an office space, your commercial interior designer will consider the flow of the space, how it will be used, and how people move through it. By understanding all these elements, they can design a custom look that truly fits your office. 

Stay Organized During the Redesign Process 

Architect going over blueprint layout and color options

When it comes to office designs or redesigns, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many decisions to make – what color to paint the walls, what furniture to buy, how to arrange the space, and more. Working with a commercial designer can help you stay on track and organized during the entire process.  

Your designer can create a timeline that outlines all the steps of the project and when they need to be completed. This helps keep everyone on the same page and ensures that the project is completed on time. The designer can also provide detailed lists of materials and furniture that need to be purchased. This helps to make sure that you don’t forget any important items. 

Choose Furniture and Accessories 

Open office work area with designer furniture

Having the right furniture and accessories can make all the difference when it comes to designing an office space. A commercial interior designer has the expertise to help you choose pieces that not only fit your budget, but also match the style of your office and fit into the available space. Designers like these can provide valuable insight and advice on how to maximize space and arrange furniture and lighting in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.  

They also know what types of materials are best suited for an office environment and can recommend furniture that is durable, comfortable, and attractive. Additionally, they can help you select accessories such as lamps, artwork, and rugs that add color and texture to the space while still complementing the overall design. With their help, you can be sure that the furniture and accessories you choose will perfectly fit your office space and create a cohesive look. 

Create a Cohesive Look 

A nice cohesive office space

One of our designers can help you make sure that the space meets all your needs. For example, if you need to install a new lighting system or electrical outlets, they can help you determine the best way to do this without compromising the overall look of the room.  They can also advise on how to make the most of natural light and even suggest ways to increase storage space or maximize available floor area.  One of our commercial interior designers can help you find the perfect balance between form and function in order to create a truly cohesive design for your office. 

Work with Gateway Today 

Gateway delivery van

The right commercial interior designer can make all the difference in creating a workspace that is inviting, comfortable, and reflective of your business. The takeaway here is that Gateway has experienced commercial design professionals who have the knowledge and resources to help create a custom look that is tailored to your specific needs and desires. 

Design Today With Gateway!

Hybrid Work Essentials For The Modern Age

The Hybrid Work Life 

With so many people still bouncing between working in a corporate office and a remote office, having the proper tools for a hybrid work environment is paramount. According to an American Opportunity Survey, up to 58% of workers are working hybrid, with at least one day of the work week spent working from home. This means that there’s a rather large pool of consumers looking for solutions to improve their work environments, whether at home or in the office.  

To make sure you never miss a beat, you must plan in advance. Do you have the right workstation for you? What do you need from the corporate office in your home office? Is your home Wi-Fi going to accommodate your workload? How do you transport everything from one workplace to the other? What does returning to work look like for you? How can you stay within your budget and ensure efficiency? 

Many questions come to mind, but never fear. We have compiled a list of Hybrid Work Essentials to get you through transitioning from home to the office and back again. 

Furniture Essentials

Whether working from home or in the office, there are a few furniture essentials you cannot forget. Where you work and what you sit or stand on can be the difference between a mediocre workday and a great workday. Improve your life one piece of furniture at a time.  


Your desk is your workspace, and it needs to work for you. Whether you prefer something small or large, finding that perfect fit is imperative. From adjustable height to an impressive executive desk, we have what you need. Want to add storage to your workspace? Not a problem! Many of our offerings have built in cabinets to hold all your important documents and supplies. Looking for a sit-stand desk? We’ve got them! Not only will you improve your productivity while working, but you also increase circulation, burn calories, lower your risk of heart disease, and reduce the aches and pains that may come from sitting in a chair for hours at a time. 

  • Reception Desks 
  • Sit-Stand Desks 
  • Executive Desks 
  • Conference Tables 
  • Storage Desks 


With any kind of desk, you need to ensure you are being kind to your bones and you can do that with the right adjustable office chair. Customize your seating settings to allow for comfort while working. For sit-stand desks, don’t forget your anti-fatigue mats, adjustable-height stools, and laptop stands. You may even want to invest in a walking pad so that you can get your steps in while completing that big project! 

  • Ergonomic Desk Chair 
  • Rolling or Stationary Seating 
  • Chair Mats 
  • Casters 
  • Slip-Resistant Padding 
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 
  • Walking Pad 

Work From Home Supplies

When working from home, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to work productively. This means boosting your Wi-Fi, having appropriate noise-blocking devices (especially if there are other people home during work hours), an organized desk set up, an appropriate desk chair, and much more. While it may seem overwhelming, having these products available to you will ensure efficiency during your workday.  

  • Charging Ports 
  • Docking Stations 
  • Home Office Monitor & Monitor Arms 
  • Wi-Fi Booster 
  • Task Lights 
  • Desk Organizers 
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Corporate Office Supplies 

Have you ever sat at your desk and realized your stapler is missing? Or that you’ve misplaced your favorite pen? In recent years, we’ve come to learn just how important it is to have your own supplies, essentials that no one else uses. Not to mention keeping your items clean is crucial to your continued health. Make sure you have all the corporate office essentials you need to ensure both accessibility and safety.  

  • Pens 
  • Staplers 
  • Three Hole Punches 
  • Sanitizing Wipes & PPE 
  • Sticky Pads & Notepads 
  • Mouse & Mouse Pad 
  • Wrist Rests 
  • Office Monitor 

Commuting Supplies 

For centuries, people have been commuting between home and work. Thankfully, there have been incredible advancements and innovations so that you’re no longer carrying a bindle on the end of a stick. With the appropriate bag you can easily store everything you’ll need for the day, while ensuring you can carry your supplies between both places easily. Remember to bring certain things like charging cords and notepads from your home office to your corporate office and vice versa.  

  • Cord Organizers 
  • Data Storage 
  • Commuting Bag 
  • File Organizers 
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
  • Lunch Box 
  • Sealed Travel Mug 

Gateway Has It! 

Whatever you need, Gateway has it. Whether you’re looking for a new adjustable-height desk or a way to organize your desk, our sales associates will help you find the right fit for your work environment. Having served South Texas since 1963, we are your one source for all workplace design, supplies, solutions, and services.