Hybrid Work Essentials For The Modern Age

The Hybrid Work Life 

With so many people still bouncing between working in a corporate office and a remote office, having the proper tools for a hybrid work environment is paramount. According to an American Opportunity Survey, up to 58% of workers are working hybrid, with at least one day of the work week spent working from home. This means that there’s a rather large pool of consumers looking for solutions to improve their work environments, whether at home or in the office.  

To make sure you never miss a beat, you must plan in advance. Do you have the right workstation for you? What do you need from the corporate office in your home office? Is your home Wi-Fi going to accommodate your workload? How do you transport everything from one workplace to the other? What does returning to work look like for you? How can you stay within your budget and ensure efficiency? 

Many questions come to mind, but never fear. We have compiled a list of Hybrid Work Essentials to get you through transitioning from home to the office and back again. 

Furniture Essentials

Whether working from home or in the office, there are a few furniture essentials you cannot forget. Where you work and what you sit or stand on can be the difference between a mediocre workday and a great workday. Improve your life one piece of furniture at a time.  


Your desk is your workspace, and it needs to work for you. Whether you prefer something small or large, finding that perfect fit is imperative. From adjustable height to an impressive executive desk, we have what you need. Want to add storage to your workspace? Not a problem! Many of our offerings have built in cabinets to hold all your important documents and supplies. Looking for a sit-stand desk? We’ve got them! Not only will you improve your productivity while working, but you also increase circulation, burn calories, lower your risk of heart disease, and reduce the aches and pains that may come from sitting in a chair for hours at a time. 

  • Reception Desks 
  • Sit-Stand Desks 
  • Executive Desks 
  • Conference Tables 
  • Storage Desks 


With any kind of desk, you need to ensure you are being kind to your bones and you can do that with the right adjustable office chair. Customize your seating settings to allow for comfort while working. For sit-stand desks, don’t forget your anti-fatigue mats, adjustable-height stools, and laptop stands. You may even want to invest in a walking pad so that you can get your steps in while completing that big project! 

  • Ergonomic Desk Chair 
  • Rolling or Stationary Seating 
  • Chair Mats 
  • Casters 
  • Slip-Resistant Padding 
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 
  • Walking Pad 

Work From Home Supplies

When working from home, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to work productively. This means boosting your Wi-Fi, having appropriate noise-blocking devices (especially if there are other people home during work hours), an organized desk set up, an appropriate desk chair, and much more. While it may seem overwhelming, having these products available to you will ensure efficiency during your workday.  

  • Charging Ports 
  • Docking Stations 
  • Home Office Monitor & Monitor Arms 
  • Wi-Fi Booster 
  • Task Lights 
  • Desk Organizers 
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Corporate Office Supplies 

Have you ever sat at your desk and realized your stapler is missing? Or that you’ve misplaced your favorite pen? In recent years, we’ve come to learn just how important it is to have your own supplies, essentials that no one else uses. Not to mention keeping your items clean is crucial to your continued health. Make sure you have all the corporate office essentials you need to ensure both accessibility and safety.  

  • Pens 
  • Staplers 
  • Three Hole Punches 
  • Sanitizing Wipes & PPE 
  • Sticky Pads & Notepads 
  • Mouse & Mouse Pad 
  • Wrist Rests 
  • Office Monitor 

Commuting Supplies 

For centuries, people have been commuting between home and work. Thankfully, there have been incredible advancements and innovations so that you’re no longer carrying a bindle on the end of a stick. With the appropriate bag you can easily store everything you’ll need for the day, while ensuring you can carry your supplies between both places easily. Remember to bring certain things like charging cords and notepads from your home office to your corporate office and vice versa.  

  • Cord Organizers 
  • Data Storage 
  • Commuting Bag 
  • File Organizers 
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
  • Lunch Box 
  • Sealed Travel Mug 

Gateway Has It! 

Whatever you need, Gateway has it. Whether you’re looking for a new adjustable-height desk or a way to organize your desk, our sales associates will help you find the right fit for your work environment. Having served South Texas since 1963, we are your one source for all workplace design, supplies, solutions, and services.  

Creating Touchdown Spaces for Your Workplace

When it comes to collaboration in the workplace, you can’t afford to skimp on anything if you want to get the best possible results. While we all know that teamwork makes the dream work, it also requires some smart thinking when it comes to establishing spaces where you can all be comfortable and efficient. One of the most overlooked aspects of office design is touchdown spaces- dynamic workspace areas designated just for discussion and collaboration between coworkers. If your company doesn’t have any, or they aren’t up to par, check out our guide on how to create touchdown spaces in your office!

What is a Touchdown Space?

Fast paced work environment in a open office setting.

A touchdown space is a collaborative space that allows people from different departments and teams to come together and seamlessly collaborate. Touchdowns are designed with specific activities in mind, such as brainstorming, ideation sessions, or project management. They are often set up with a large table that can be used as a whiteboard or breakout area where people can gather around together. They may also be filled with couches and chairs, so they feel more like lounges. The purpose of touchdown spaces is to make any type of collaboration easier, more natural, and more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Collaboration

Team working together on a work project.

Touchdown spaces are the perfect opportunity to foster creativity, collaboration, and just good old-fashioned fun. They provide a space where employees can work on their own projects or collaborate with their teams. Plus, they’re a great way to increase employee engagement and morale, which can be beneficial for your business. By improving someone’s ability to collaborate in an encouraging space, you are creating more opportunities for people to learn from one another, to find what could improve a product or project, and improving overall efficiency. We all know that often two heads are better than one, so when someone needs an extra set of eyes on a project, there can now be dedicated space for that.

Where to Begin?

Office room sketch.

Before you get started with creating your touchdown spaces, here are some things you’ll want to consider in the planning and design stages:

  1. What kinds of activities do you want employees to engage in? Some ideas might include brainstorming sessions, team meetings, or working on individual assignments.
  2. How many people should be able to be in the touchdown space at one time? You’ll want enough room for everyone but not too much that it becomes overcrowded.
  3. What furniture works best for your aesthetic? You may prefer traditional furniture over modern furniture. Or perhaps you like modular furniture that can be repurposed elsewhere.
  4. Where do you have or want to put electrical outlets? Having accessibility to charging stations is imperative to efficiency. Anticipate the need to “plug and play”.

Time to Build It!

Once it’s time to create it, remember these important aspects. Be sure to introduce different areas such as breakout rooms or common areas for people to take time away from their desk and chat about what they’re working on that day. You may also be able to dedicate specific days of the week or times of day when people could come together. Encourage everyone to come together during these windows – it will get others outside of their comfort zones. You can also put up artwork, displays, sculptures etc., so that this space is visually stimulating to inspire people to create.

Make the Most of the Space

Office common area.

Find a place where employees can comfortably gather, like conference rooms or common areas. Power outlets are a must, as many people will have their laptops on the table and need access to power. Coffee is also a great addition, as it encourages socialization, fuels brainstorming, and provides an easy break from work. Natural light is important if you’re going to be working all day, as it helps people stay energized and alert. Biophilic Design is also key, as it mirrors the natural environment of humans and can help them feel more at ease. The space should have a variety of furniture available including chairs, couches, desks and coffee tables so it’s easy for different people to find what suits them best at any given moment.

Kimball International Furniture’s Narrate: For The Modern Office 

Kimball International Furniture, one of the leaders in modern and innovative office furniture, has introduced a new line of products – Narrate. This collection of customizable and multi-use furniture is designed to help you create the perfect dynamic workspace for your office. With Narrate, you can easily personalize the layout of your office, as well as the materials, colors, and textures of your furniture. Whether you need desks, panel systems, or storage solutions, Narrate has the perfect solution for your needs in a corporate office, healthcare space, or really any kind of workplace! 

Discover how Gateway Furniture can help you create the ideal workspace for your business today. 

What Can Narrate Do for You? 

Narrate systems offer a wide range of options to suit different types of workspaces. Whether it’s a conference room, private office, or open plan, Kimball International has designed furniture pieces that can be arranged to fit any room’s size, requirements, and layout. The Narrate system also allows for storage and wire management to keep your office organized.  

The best part about Narrate is its ability to adjust and transform as your needs change. As your business grows and evolves, you can easily rearrange the pieces or add more components to accommodate additional staff or equipment. Plus, each piece is made from high-quality materials that are built to last.  

Customize Your Workplace 

Narrate is versatile and customizable. You can configure desks, tables, and storage, creating a workspace that’s tailored to your exact needs. Choose between a variety of colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes to create a unique look for your office. Find the right size, shape, and texture for each worker with ease. Additionally, the furniture is lightweight and easy to move around as needed, should you need to reconfigure your workplace in the future. 

Workspace Setups 

Whether you’re looking for an open concept layout or more private spaces, Narrate has what works for you. Our workspace median panels can be customized by each system. Each of the Narrate panels is stackable, allowing for versatility and ease of use.  

  • Long or Short Rectangular Desks 
  • Curved Desks 
  • Square Desks 
  • Dual-sided Workspaces 
  • Textured Panels For Noise Reduction 
  • Glass Panels for Easy Collaboration 
  • Privacy Panels for Private, Focused Work 
  • Slat Tiles with Traxx for Vertical Storage 

Desktop Personalization 

Everyone likes to have certain things at their desk. Whether it’s a whiteboard, phone shelf, name plate, or picture frame, add these items to your workspace for ease of access.  

  • Name Plate 
  • Folder Holder 
  • Earbud/Headphone Hook 
  • Slant File Holder 
  • Vertical Sorter 
  • Paper Tray 
  • Personal or Phone Shelf 
  • Dry Erase Board 
  • Utility Cup Holder 
  • Frames 

Storage Solutions 

With customizable overhead, side panel, or under desk storage solutions available, you’ll never run out of space.  

  • Open Storage 
  • Locked Storage 
  • Side Panel Storage 
  • Overhead Storage 
  • Under Desk Storage 
  • Fold Down Panels 

End Panels

Customize workspace end panels with the textiles that work best for you. You can modify them according to size, color, and material.  

  • 3D Laminate 
  • Laminate 
  • Resin Insert with Frame 
  • Painted 
  • Wood 
  • Plywood- Crossroads 
  • Plywood- Diagonals 
  • Plywood- Intersect 
  • Plywood- Stitch 

Privacy Spaces 

Not only can we provide you with workspaces but Narrate can easily convert a space into a private meeting area. With stackable, customizable walls and a variety of doors and ceilings, your new conference room, touchdown space, or small meeting area will be built to last.  

  • Pergola Ceiling Slats 
    • Wood 
    • Laminate 
  • Sliding Doors 
  • Hinged Doors 
  • Stackable Wall Solutions 

Form & Function 

A major benefit of Narrate is the functionality it provides. The desktops are ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort and support during long work hours. The pieces are incredibly durable, built to withstand years of continued use.  

With our base or median wireway systems ready for electrification, you can easily hide the wiring that always seems to get tangled. These styles of workspace are ready for use, so your employees can plug in and get started right away.  

Additionally, Narrate furniture is aesthetically pleasing, making this collection the perfect choice for any office. The pieces come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes that are sure to complement any existing decor. Plus, the sleek, modern design will add a touch of elegance to your workspace.  

Get Started Today! 

Getting started with Narrate is easy. Whether you’re looking for a new office workspace, storage solution, or other furniture piece, Gateway has you covered. Our team will help you design a layout, curate and source the perfect pieces for your office, and install the furniture to your specifications.  

Narrate systems are perfect for any office space. With customizable pieces and adjustable layouts, they make it easy to transform your workspace into a productive and efficient environment.  

Get started with Gateway today and find the perfect furniture solution for your office!